Saturday, September 3, 2011

Activity Day Project

In my church, we have a program for young girls ages 8-12. I am the Activity Day leader and I have two assistants. We presently have 16 girls in the program. This year we have done a lot of lessons, crafts, and service projects. One of the things I have wanted to accomplish is to teach them to develop their talents and find some joy in creating something with their hands. When I was this age, I did a lot of sewing and embroidery. I found this cute pattern a few months ago. We displayed the girls work at a dinner with their parents. We worked in class on these for weeks while we discussed a lot of things. I am so proud of the girls who stuck with this and completed it. They took them home the past 10 days to finish them up. I'm especially happy about this one that the focus is on. This little girl did every stitch of this herself, even the framing. Her mother gathered the materials for her to do the framing and told her how to do it, and left her to accomplish it. Two other girls, sisters, after learning the embroidery stitches, are now inviolved in a humanitarian project that we women are doing. They are doing some embroidery on little girls dresses after they are finished.


  1. i love this pattern and the entire concept of the activity day project... great job!!

  2. Cessy would have loved to do this! So cute.

  3. As someone who loves sewing (and that's putting it mildly!)/all things crafty and homemade, and teaches private sewing lessons, I'm so glad to hear of others passing this love of crafting on to young women- and what a cute project! looks like they did a great job!

  4. Really cute project- and am so glad there are young girls that still do needlework (my fave as a teenager).

  5. Hi Karren,
    My mom is now over activity day and with the same age group. We need to swap ideas. She would love some ideas.

    Nice picture.