Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please help me decide....

OK, so one of the categories I wanted to enter for the State fair, has been eliminated, so I have to pick another one. I am deciding between these two pictures

1. Riders In The Sky (Action)

2. Trunkful of Love (Animals in Captivity)

Which one is best? I keep thinking that the sky one is more creative...but is that action enough?

They get all kinds of sports and rodeo shots in this category. They do judge on a lot of different things.
The elephants are just kind of standing there, but I think it still has some emotional value.

So which one?


  1. Loving the colors in that first shot! Cool silhouette.

  2. I too love the 1st shot. Beautiful.

  3. Wow tuff choice for sure!
    I love the action of the first shot. Creative and great colors that pop!
    Trunkful of love is a beautiful capture that sings parenting love!
    I would go for Riders In The Sky, but like I said tuff choice!

  4. Both are great, but that first one literally took my breath away. The colors, the composition, the silhouettes- everything! So creative!

  5. Riders in the Sky gets my vote. It is really a cool shot and might do well because it is different than the normal action shot that I'm sure they get a lot of. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. I'd go with riders in the sky for sure. It is truly an amazing shot. Good luck!

  7. I love the first one. The colors are beautiful and it's original. I didn't get my act together to enter a print in the state fair this year, but I can't wait to visit and see all the talent. Best of luck to you!

  8. i must say that i love a great silhouette like you have in the first one! i love that you see the arch in the background and the riders are framed by the trees... really cool!

  9. You should make cards out of these! LOVE them!

  10. Riders in the Sky!!!!
    You are so creative, Karren!