Thursday, July 28, 2011

My little Hydrengia

I suppose I should have waited for a few days for all of the little blossoms to open....but I am so excited that this little plant has survived, and that it is blooming this year, I just couldn't wait.
When I received this, it was for Mother's Day 2008. My mother passed away that day, and for some reason, it became important for me to keep this plant alive. It was at least two feet tall and had five HUGE blooms on it. It has struggled to live, and thrive. I planted it outside on the grave of my mothers little Dachshund, Penny. She died shortly before mom. I loved her so much. Well this little plant is only about nine ins tall, and it has two small blossoms on it this year, for the first time since I planted it outside three years ago. If you left click twice to enlarge it, you can see a little spider in there.


  1. Very pretty! Love the bokeh.
    Yep. I couldn't believe it either with the camera phone. It seems the closer I hold it to the subject...the sharper the picture.

  2. Lovely. Lovely flower and lovely post. And I so get the importance of keeping the plant and flowers alive. My Mom had a sago palm that she babied and somehow I let it die in all the turmoil last year; it made me so was like another piece of her died all over again. Good for you for getting some blooms from it this year and may it grow larger and larger every year until it fills your heart completely full of love.

  3. Beautiful image--the bokeh and droplets--perfect! And, it's even more perfect knowing what it means to you.

  4. what a beautiful shot of something that means so much to you! it is truly lovely!