Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30

Well, I accidentally erased my photo for today. By the time
I realized it, it was too late for the light I wanted outside. I played with a couple of inside shots today. I HAVE TO get better indoors. I play and critique my own work. See settings and SOOC image below Manual....85mm lens SOOC
SS 1/200 ISO 400 AP 2.5 light from the window at 12:30 pm
Suggestions wanted....I figure I could have raised the ISO or lowered the AP
(her right eye is not in focus). I could have compensated the exposure a bit to the right, or I could have turned her so that both eyes were on the same plane. However, that doesn't work too well with a 3 year old for some reason. Ha ha. I need to practice more. I guess that is the key.


  1. The only other thing I could add to your critique is that you could have backed up some or used a 50mm to get a larger DOF (you have a 50, right?) because it is *almost* in focus. I realize that indoors it may be difficult to back up a lot more with the 85mm. She looks adorable regardless. I like the light/shadows on her face.

  2. I think your SOOC exposure, while it may be a tad underexposed, is still good. With your 50D, I definitely would go to ISO 800. Your model is adorable and looks pretty cooperative. I had a very hard time with my 3 year old today trying to get her Valentine photo! LOL

  3. Shes so adorable! i really need to practice indoors too!

  4. My house has the WORST lighting in the world.. before I started learning (er, trying to learn?) photography, I even used to complain that whoever built this house had no desire for any natural lighting, and there are few light fixtures either! So I feel your pain with battling your ISO. I was told by someone to stop fearing it and just raise it, so I did and I'm actually pleased with the result. Having said that, I apologize that I have no suggestions for you; my skills aren't nearly as good as yours, and I think your SOOC is amazing. (Btw, that 85 does make it difficult to step back, and I like the first commenter's suggestion of a 50.)


  5. All I can see is that she is adorable- it all looks perfect to me! When I look REALLY REALLY hard I can see maybe what you are saying about the eye- maybe- but would never have noticed it. I finally started (before I left Wyoming to come home) trying to close my aperture a bit and raise the ISO enough so I didn't underexpose- this helped. But my skills are nowhere near yours- so who am I to give advice, LOL. Just now reading comment above- she is saying the same thing!

  6. I actually would not have turned her closer to you because than the lighting on her face would have been flat. I like the little bit of shadow on her face to give it some depth :O) I agree with Laurie about taking a step back. Great critiques you did :O)

  7. I love this shot. I think it is absolutely adorable! Here's my 2 cents.

    1) The eye thing isn't very noticeable. Especially after editing. As long as you don't blow it up to a huge size it probably won't be obvious.
    2) I always turn up my ISO as a last resort. I hate noise in my pics and once I get up around 800 I start to really see it with the 30D.
    3) The 85 has proven to be one of the best lenses on my camera in low light and honestly all around! It can be difficult to use in cramped places, but I like that it makes me think. It is such a great lens for nice close portraits like this one! The 50 would be a good choice too, but I really like the intimacy you get with the closeness of the 85.