Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

Well, I had the shock of my life today at the State Fair. All three of my entries took first place in their divisions. In the "Wildlife in The Wild" division, there were over 50 entries.

Here is my picture of Gracie with all of the stuffed dogs. This is "Domestic Animals and Pets" there were over 50 entries in tis division as well. They do not give mulitiple ribbons, only one first place, one second, etc.

This division, "Commercial", there were only four entries, but only three ribbons, and one of those was honorable mention. I'm glad they thought my train photo was worth the first place. I am so excited about this. It is hard, and I thought impossible to get a place at all on the state level.


  1. WHOO HOO!! CONGRATS!! What an honor and wonderful reward for all your hard work!! You totally deserved it!! Frame those 1st place ribbons right beside those beautiful photos!

  2. Congrats! You had awesome entries. I'm not at all surprised you did so well. : )

  3. That is GREAT!! A huge pat on the back congrats. Your photos are amazing!!

  4. WOW! Congrats. Your photos look great. They definitly picked the right photos for 1st place.