Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 29, 2010

A few of us Utah Clickin'mom's met up at Wheeler Farm the other night, and we had a little lesson on photographing children. We were paired up in two's, and acted like kids for awhile and photographed each other. This was my partner, Rachel.

You can see that we had a crazy good time. I laughed so much that I hurt the next day.


  1. Oh man that sounds like a blast!! Glad you got to meet some other clickinmoms! So jealous :O) These crack me up!

  2. Fun! Look like you met up with Kat? She has some similar looking locations on her blog.

    I'm a little jealous! That would be so much fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. What a fun and productive meet-up! I looked into joining that site, but the membership fee has me a little hesitant. :P