Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

We took two of our grandchildren to the Aquarium that is right by our home. They had a great time. Two of the exhibits that we really enjoyed were the feeding of the Pirahanas and the feeding of the penguins. I really like this photo of one of the Pirahanas. I like how the scales caught the light and look like glittery sequins. The penguins were so lively and entertaining to watch. They move so rapidly, that I felt lucky to get this shot.

Of course the gift shop is one of the best attractions. This little large eyed penguin found a great home with little Lance.

For Cessna, it was these penguin earrings. She just got her ears pierced a few days ago, and she knows the very day in November, when she can take her studs out and wear them.


  1. I'm sure they enjoyed their special time with you at the aquarium!! Love the first picture too! Great job! Aquarium lighting is so tough!

  2. Thanks again- they had a wonderful time!