Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 119 April 30, 2010

This photo today is kind of sad for me. This old Radio Flyer wagon is sitting here in a pile of junk, waiting to be hauled off on pick up day. When I looked at it today, my mind flew back 28 years ago when it was new. My then, 4 year old son, youngest of our four boys, received it for his 4th birthday in July of 1982. He was the cutest little guy, always inventing things, and finding things to pull in the wagon that was attached to his bike. Sometimes it was a makeshift pool to cool off in when he filled it with water. There was no end to it's uses. He outgrew it eventually , and the wooden sides were lost.......then, for several years, it held flower pots under our pine tree. Gee, I think I LOVE this wagon....I just may have to find a new use for it.


  1. Girl, that thing screams photo prop! Don't toss it!

  2. I love how you described the memories :O) I hope you can find a new use for it because it has so much character!!