Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 49 February 16, 2010

Since my 2 year old granddaughter lives next door, I see her almost every day. She has her little schedule and her "work" that she has to do. One of those things is to go to grandma's house and feed Gracie and Oscar. Gracie is usually the one who cooperates the best.
Rory gets certain dishes from the play kitchen, dog food from the dog dish, and proceeds to make dinner for them. This is very serious business for her. She stirs it, and pours it from dish to dish while the dogs patiently wait. She reassures them that she is cooking, and it will "be ready soon". Today, Gracie wanted to look out the window, so Rory took the goods up there to her.

Making Soup for Gracie

"Here 'ya go Gracie, try it"

"I ....DON'T want to try it!"


  1. These shots are nice. I really like the vignette, too.

  2. That is so cute! I remember feeding my grandmother's dog when I was little!

  3. Too precious :O) I love the one of her feeding Gracie!