Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 48 February 15, 2010

I had a hard time thinking of something to photograph for Presidents Day . I thought about going outside to a store where there is a large flag, but it was raining all day. Then I remembered this little Hummell that belonged to my mother. He is still standing there in her curio cabinet, just as she left him. I put him in different places in the house. The kitchen counter, a table, on a piece of white card by the living room window, and I finally liked the light outside on the front porch. You can see the line where the rain/wet area ends. It was barely sprinkling when I snapped this one. Another adventure in Manual. By the end of the year, I may really understnad how it works in a lot of different situations. Truely, it is all about the light....It .makes me think about the light of the world ..... our Savior, Jesus Christ. I always want to be standing in His light.


  1. Beautiful! I love hummels :O) My mom has a collection as well! I, too, am trying so hard to learn manual.

  2. I looked over the past week's photos and am very impressed. Braden's basketball photo was cool! Love the little Hummel and all the cute ones of Rory. You are really developing great skills and honing natural talents--yeah for you! Love you!