Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mother's Buttons

Missing my mom....she has been gone almost 7 years, and I am finally going through some of her things, left in dresser drawers, as though she were coming back any day, and would need them again. I have read letters, smiled, cried....and collected photos and other valuable memories. So many thoughts race through my heart when I look at these buttons. Some, I remember, extras from a shirt, of a dress that she made for my brother, or me. Others, have thread or a bit of fabric still attached, indicating that she had cut them off from an item of clothing that was no longer useful, but the buttons, could be used again. I thought of her lessons about using what we have on hand, rather than running to the store for something new. Even the tins, that these buttons were in, were recycled. Three Watkins menthol camphor ointment containers. Scratched on the lids were a "W", "B" and "C", indicating White, Colored, and black.

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