Wednesday, August 20, 2014

State Fair Entries


It is all decided now.  I took them in for printing and mounting today.    The trees at sunset will go in Landscape,  Rory in Children's Portraiture, and the children with their boats at the stream,  in Group portraiture.   Black and White is a different category, and I can put two photos in there, so I have chosen,  the trees in the fog,  and Cameron at the reflection pool.   I decided to go with Advanced Amatuer.   I do not expect to place with anything this year.  I think my photos are very good, for me, but I also see my weaknesses,  and in years past,  these two category's  have looked very professional.  I am not there yet, with my photography, or my editing.   Moving up WILL help me to keep challenged and improve.      

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