Monday, June 2, 2014

My Graduation Day May, 1962

This is a memory from the past.   I have been thinking about my own high school graduation 52 years ago.  Here I am dancing with my dad.  The dress I am wearing,  was made by my mother,  who was an excellent seamstress.  There was never another one lke it,   because she never followed a pattern.   I wore this dress to prom, then graduation, then that  next summer I wore it for a special date at a dance hall, and to top it all off,  I danced in LA to the Lawrence Welk Orchestra.  

Graduation was a special night.   My boyfriend and  I, along with our good friends went to my home after the dance, and we made  a fried chicken dinner.  Next we reminisced over photos of our high school years, and read our year books.  We played some games, and danced in my living room.  We finished it off with root beer floats.   Those were the good old days for sure. 

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