Friday, April 11, 2014

My Hands

Many things come to mind when I look at my hands.  Wrinkles,  loose skin,  veins that stand out now, Arthritis.  But...70 years take their toll on hands that have played in fields,  worked in gardens, gone through school,  held hands of loved ones.  played musical instruments,  worked with tools, not just women's tools,  but hammers,  saws, sanders,  drills,  and all manner of products associated with such things.   
I like that my hands, have thumbed through scriptures,  folded in  prayer, and given praises to God, who has been the giver of all good things in my life.   Sacred, are many things my hands have accomplished. 
Thankful I am for  my hands, that have held my newborn babies,  wiped away tears, cuddled children,  and grandchildren,  curled and braided hair,  wiped feverish brows, pushed swings, baked cookies, tucked children in  for countless nights, prepared many thousands of meals, and clapped for my children and grandchildren, as they performed in all kinds of things from kindergarten to college.       
I am happy that my hands could comfort and serve my mother in her last years, and hold her as she passed from this life. 
I am happy that I can still accomplish many things with my hands.   Hobbies, (photography, family history, crafting),  loving,  and serving.  I hope they can keep working for me for another 25 years or so.   They are my favorite tool.   


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