Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,
Here at the close of 2013,  we hope that you have had a healthy, and prosperous year.  It really went by quickly for us.  It seems like the older we get,  the faster time flies. 
Ralph is still working part time with UTA, 5 nights a week, plus he teaches accordion, and he cares for his mother two days a week.    She will soon be 96.    Ralph enjoys directing the choir in our ward.   We are sounding very good,  under his direction.
Karren gave day care to two granddaughters most of the year,  and she enjoys leading Activity Day with the 8-11 year old girls in the ward.  Her greatest enjoyment is family and grandchildren.  Her love for photography enables her to record many happy memories.
In  March, Ralph and I went to Montgomery, Texas to visit for a few  days with our son,  Jeff,  and his family.  Among other things,  we enjoyed the warm weather,  the beautiful roadside wildflowers,  and the Space Center.    In June of this year,  we had a family vacation to Disneyland.   We also  visited Sea World and Universal Studios.   Some family members were not able to be with us, but for those of us who were able to go,  we had a wonderful time together.  
While on vacation,  our daughter,  Becky, received a surprise visit from her  boyfriend,  Andrew Hegewald,  who proposed to her on our last night in the Magic Kingdom.   Standing on the Wishing Star as the fireworks were about to begin,  she accepted his proposal of marriage.   They were sealed in the Oquirrh LDS Temple on September 17th.   Becky and her two young daughters,  have blended very well with Andrew and his daughter, and son.     We are delighted to have a great son in law and two new grandchildren!
All of our children, and grandchildren, are doing well.   As a family,  of course we have our share of challenges and sorrows, like everyone else, but we continue to press forward, finding joy in many things.  
As the world sometimes spins out of control around us, we feel fortunate to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives, grounding us to the only true source of happiness.   At this Christmas time,  and the coming of the New year, we appreciate our Savior Jesus Christ,  not only His birth,  but His example and teachings,  and most of all His Atonement for our sins and sufferings.   
We  wish all of you many blessings, and much happiness in 2014.   

Love,  Ralph and Karren Hubrich       

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  1. This is great! I have always loved that photo, you both were so happy when it was taken and you can see it in your eyes. Hopefully there is more health and happiness in store for you both in 2014 :)