Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing with uncle Randy

Here are two edits of a photo from our famiy Reunion this past week

One of the best things that happens at a family reunion, are the connections between generations. Sure, Avi and Randy have seen eachother at dinners and birthday parties, but playing one on one was a thrill for Avi. Our 9 year old granddaughter remembers palying "Pretty Princess" with uncle Randy 6 years ago, in this very spot, in the Old School House, near Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

The lighting here is interesting with the bright window in the background. For those who have asked, no, I am not taking a class, just trying to get experience with some moody light. I need to look up some information and


  1. Nice B&W conversion. Is that pie? Did you save me any? YUM!

  2. That's sweet. You captured joy. Love it in B&W.