Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snow Finally!

It is still snowing in the mountains. Here in the Valley, we had only 4 -5 ins fall overnight. that was enough to frustrate, and enough to fascinate! BEAUTIFUL! I tried to remember that this morning, when my car was covered in ice, and the doors were frozen shut. I went to church with my daughter and her little girls today. Leaving her apartment, this is the scene at the end of the road. I LOVE this...mostly because it reminds me of a grade school story book that I loved. Some children are having a great time here at Flat Iron park.

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  1. Beautiful! And thanks for the carpal tunnel info! I've ALWAYS felt the prob was in my neck. Nerve conduction tests show otherwise (just like you). I did go to a chiropractor a few years ago for upper back issues, which he fixed. It would be interesting to go back for more treatment just for the carpal tunnel- although I think my insurance no longer covers chiropractors. I'm intrigued by your successes!