Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little dog Lost

Tonight, after grocery shopping, I let my dogs out while I was unloading groceries from the car. When I finished, I called them inside, and Oscar did not come. He is old, and doesn't see too well anymore. I was woried sick about him outside in the dark, and I searched the whole yard while I was calling him. He always comes immediately. He was in the car!!! He is so fat, I don't know how he even jumped into the car. Anyway, I was extremely relieved to find him safe and sound.


  1. oh thank goodness you found him! That is one of the worst feelings!!! I had a friend who really did lose all 3 of her dogs while they were camping in Arizona, just before Christmas. The dogs all ran off and they couldn't find them and had to go home. They called all the local humane societies etc., but had no luck. About a week later, all 3 dogs were found and turned into one of the humane societies near where they had been!!! They were microchipped so the shelter was able to call the owners and get them home. So amazing!!!

  2. Aahh! he's so cute - now wonder you were worried!