Sunday, January 22, 2012

Front porch....Back porch

Here in the Salt Lake valley, I am surrounded by mountains. The Wasatch range is to the east of us, and is very close. I did zoom in here, from my front porch, to get a good shot of the "Snow Bra". The snow is a little sparse...they are generally mostly white this time of year. They did get a couple feet of snow yesterday. All of the ski areas are happy with the new powder.

This is from my back porch looking West. The Lasalle mountains are not as tall, and are farther away. This is where the well-known Bingham Copper mine is located.


  1. Yayy! I can finally comment again! Your blog has been blocking me out for a week or so--I haven't been ignoring you, I swear!
    I love the snow bra-- too funny!

  2. gorgeous!! Wish I had a view like that!!

  3. Such beautiful surroundings where you live! Love both of these....the magnitude of those mountains and the varied color of the sky.