Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Four year old excitement

She was so excited with the two coats of nail polish that she chose...hot pink with a top coat of glitter!! All of this excitement was followed with dancing around, looking in the mirror, and many joyful exclamations about how happy she was feeling. I love to see the reactions of children, and often wonder when it happens that we do not experience such joy in simple things anymore. I keep laughing to myself, thinking about how, if I reacted with this childlike exuberance, my day would go. For example.... "Wow! I have some Chocolate mini wheats left! Yippee!!! I will have those for breakfast." Or....this download actually worked......I will do three summersalts! I will twirl around till I am dizzy and laugh when I fall down. I think we get over it because if we acted that way we would break something. LOL! On the other hand, it is a great lesson on gratitude.

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