Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doggie here...doggie there....

This is Grady. He is a true Pound Puppy. My granddaughter rescued him from the shelter, about a year ago...I forget exactly. They are on vacation, so Grady is staying here with us for five days. He is a miniature Long haired Dachshund. He had a very bad haircut a few weeks ago and still looks pretty bad, but he really is a sweet and pretty little dog. I will not mention his behavior today......Uh-hmmmm.

Here we have the three beggars. I though this one was cute with my little Gracie, peering over the edge of the table. They were hoping for a handout from Avi.


  1. We rescued a short hair dachsy a while ago, and when we couldn't find her owners, we fostered her until we found her a forever home. I've never been a little dog person, but she wiggled her way right into our hearts and almost found a permanent home with us. I still miss her and have often thought about getting one when my two Aussies finally pass. This shot makes me giggle and I love how Gracie is standing up on her back legs trying to get a better vantage point of what might be headed her way!