Sunday, December 11, 2011

The tree is up!

I finally got our tree up today. I still have a big mess, and other things to put up, but I am happy to be this far.

At my daughters house, I was playing with some photos trying to get the sparkle.

Got it!


  1. Haha...wait till you see mine. Just saw your thumbnail in my feed. Great minds think alike. ;) Love the little bit of color mixed in with the white!

  2. It's beautiful.
    You nailed the bokeh, great job!

  3. Ahhh! Jaime took my comment - LOL! :-) I was going to say this is probably one of the VERY BEST bokeh Christmas tree shots I've seen. My favorite part is the mostly white lights with the bit of color mixed in. What a beautiful combination!! And the star on top just sends it to the next level. BEAUTIFUL shot!!!

  4. Awesome shot! I still have yet to get a shot like this but you've inspired me to at least give it a try. Your tree is beautiful and I love your star on top!

  5. I agree, awesome shots!!! love the bokeh you got!! I have yet to take some photos of my tree with the bokeh...It's on my to do list!