Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Temple Square

We have a yearly tradition of riding the train to Temple Square to see the Christmas Lights. It was 25 degrees out there tonight, and the crowds were unbelievable. Literally shoulder to shoulder. As a result, I did not do the creative things I had intended. I never set up the tripod....everything was hand held with no timed exposures.

I love this bronze statue of a woman playing with her children. Lifesize, it is named "A Joyful Mother of Children. It was fun to capture it as a sillouette.

This is a nativity out on the Reflection pool. I think this one turned out well in spite of the crowds. They all fell into the shadows, except for a small group there on the left, and I actually like the way they look.

The Christus Statue inside the Visitors center. Some day I want to capture the reflection of this in the huge windows. It superimposes itself onto the Temple and the beautiful lighted grounds below. The crowds were too thick for me to work on that. Tomorrow, I will post the bokeh shots I got tonight.


  1. Magnificent images! I've never been to Salt Lake at Christmas time- it all looks so beautiful lit up! I especially love the nativity scene and the first shot of the temple. Beautiful!

  2. beautiful night shots! i love them!

  3. These are beautiful shots, especially knowing they were handheld! Your photos are always so crisp and sharp...your work often makes me want to play around with a Nikon because I've heard thier focusing system is so much better than Canon's...hmmmmm.