Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thank you Martha Stewart

I needed a quick treat idea for my activity day today. I found this on marthastewart.com

Three to a page, I just had to print them, cut them out, glue them together at the back, and fill 'em up. I tied green curling ribbon at the top of the baggie...she recommended green wire. They each hold two mini bars and a handful of candy corn. If you go on there and print these, use yellow card stock, NOT orange. A small strip of scotch tape across the bottom holds the little bags inside. These are for the girls. They will be assembling treat bags for a few people in the area.

Another beautiful Granddaughter...Kylie, who is nearly 14. She is ready for a choir performance here. There were over 300 voices in a combined choir featuring seven middle schools in her area. She is a lovely girl......gifted in several areas, and so creative. She sings, plays piano very well, and maintains a 4.0 GPA.


  1. those treat bags are super cute! i would love to get one of those if i were trick or treating in your neighborhood! and another beautiful granddaughter! you must be so proud of her! lovely shot!

  2. What a fun idea. Ryan's class party is this Thursday and I'm going to see if they want me, Ms. Non-crafty, to make these because I think even I could do it. And, I have to tell you, you have such beautiful grand kids and they are all so incredibly talented. You did a great job raising their parents for them to be turning out so well!

  3. Jack o lantern party favors....find them here

  4. WOW! What a beautiful picture of your granddaughter! I'm drooling over your beautiful backlight, yet you still have her eyes crystal clear. I'm impressed! (I haven't been able to master that trick yet!) :-)

    Absolutely beautiful!

  5. talented, beautiful and a 4.0 GPA!! way to go!

  6. You should be so proud of all your grandchildren- they look like such a wonderful group!

    And those favors are cute! I wonder if I have time to put some together for my class?