Saturday, October 15, 2011

Krypto, The Skeleton

I have a little granddaughter who is so in love with this little dog, Krypto. She is a skeleton for halloween and she wants more than anything for Krypto to be a skeleton too. She keeps asking me if I have a little yarn, or a little this or that to make him a costume. I saw where Joann's had a little white bear wearing a skeleton costume. SO, I went in there to see if it was about the same size. YES it was, but the disappointment was that the body of the bear was the costume. The hood was the only part that came off. He was on a great sale so for $3.00 I figured if my plan did not go right, I would not be out much. I brought the bear home and cut him apart, removing his head, hands and feet, and pulled out the stuffing. I had to open up the arms to get Kryptos paws in there. Then I sewed it back together by hand while it was on him. I was relieved and she was delighted. All is well.


  1. oh my goodness... what a sweet tale of what a grandmother would do for her sweet granddaughter's dog!!! i love it! how can she not love you even more for making that awesome costume for krypto!!

  2. Glad to hear the sugery went well!

  3. You are such a good grandmother! You did an awesome job and I know you made one little girl very, very happy!