Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dimple Dell Park

For this shot, I walked North, a few doors down my street, then one block to the West and I captured it from the bridge that goes over this dry creek. We have always called it "The Gulley". My children all enjoyed this when they were young. If they went to play at the neighbor's, the last thing they heard me say is, "don't go down in the gulley". You can see why they did not always listen. The mountain almost seems farther away that in real life. Does a wide angle lens do that? I was zooming for yesterday's photo, which was just a bit away from this vantage point. Look close under the highest peaks you will see our "snow bra". It always shows up at the first snow of the season. We had frost on our front lawn this morning. These beautiful scenes will not last long now.


  1. That is so pretty. I'd love to go for a walk there!

  2. It tells such a story-- from foreground to middleground to background!

  3. I need to get up to the mountains! So beautiful- and so well photographed! Gorgeous!