Thursday, August 4, 2011

Interesting Fungi

This is the strangest Summer. We had snow and rain, through June, rain in July, and now a Monsoon effect every afternoon and evening for days and days. The grass is just covered in mushrooms. These have popped up, all around the edges of the yard, not in the grass. They are about 5-6 inches tall and when you pull them up, it leaves a little sleeve or some sort in the ground, and they STINK! Even my dogs sniff at these and then shake all over and jump away. This was next to a chainlink fence, so I put a piece of card stock behind it and then added a texture.


  1. that's crazy to have mushrooms sprouting all over the place! i like the texture you added!

  2. Good thinking on the card stock to add texture. That mushroom looks pretty nasty! Send some of that rain to Texas please ;)

    Sorry I've been away without commenting. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your photos though. I LOVE the horse photos. The lighting is brilliant. Princess Rory is precious. She looks so delighted in her princess nightgown. Your fire in the sky is tooooo cool.

    Keep up the good work and hope the weather gets better soon.

  3. very smart idea about the card stock! we've had some of those before...definitely stinky and just gross looking! But I still love the picture!

  4. Wow-- what an awesome mushroom- I've never seen anything like this before!