Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is called Yarrow. It is really quite beautiful. Last year when I admired a large patch of it in a friends yard, she dug up a couple of small starts for me. They were maybe 4" across and 6" tall. Now less than a year later they are 4 feet tall, each bush has dozens of blooms on it and they last forever! This stuff grows like a bad weed on steroids! It also smells funny. I looked it up on the internet today, and found out that it is actually an herb. The blossoms are really a mass of thousands of teeny little single blossoms, all scrunched up together. Tomorrow, I'd like to try my macro filter, and see what I can get of one of these. Do any of you have suggestions on how to do that? It goes on a zoom lens. I am thinking manual focus....tripod....anything else?


  1. I love that stuff! Wish I had some!

  2. Lovely! Use an f/stop between 9-12 and be prepared to sway back and forth to get your focus, even with the tripod. It's a bit tricky. If you use autofocus put it on single shot or ai focus so you hear the beep that it grabbed focus and can click away.

    P.S. My daughter has that Ariel nightgown from Disney (we bought while on vacation in Texas!). So I'll have to get a photo of her to post so Rory can see her!

  3. They look so cool, I can't wait to see them up close!
    I agree with the commenter above- make sure you close down your aperture- and if your camera does it, go into live view mode, and zoom in from there (on the screen) to check for focus before you take it. Good luck!

  4. ha! saw your more current post about this and i can't believe that they belong on that stem! it makes you appreciate the macro versions all the more! ;)