Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Funny Son

Meet my son, Brian. He needed a photo for his new CD, so we headed out to Wheeler Historic Farm, and found a few creative places. This is his favorite. He is doing a concert in downtown SLC Tuesday night and will have the CD on sale there. Silly, creative, talented, FUNNY, one of a kind, comedian...that's Brian. At one time we counted all the instruments he plays. If you include a variety of percussion instruments...27. He is a very good percussionist, drums, (I LOVE the Marimba) . Piano, organ, but his favorite is the accordion. We can blame my husband and I for that. LOL! We played together in a Symphonic Accordion orchestra, and taught at the same studio, in the Long, long, ago, before we married! Brian plays everything from Classical to singing, stand up comedy. His parody's are hilarious. I tell him his name will be up in lights someday. This Fall, he will be performing at Oktoberfest. He has performed on a cruise ship, and he worked in Japan, performing for nearly a year. For this performance, you can see his funny outfit here....part traditional German, part cowboy. He is preparing some things to go online, and I will post a link later on.


  1. Wow, he is very talented! The German cowboy outfit looks perfect for New Braunfels, TX--and Gruene. Tell him to check it out for possible new gigs! (That's Kristin's area, btw). Great job on the photo!

    I think putting the camera on Monochrome (and live picture view helps, too) helps you see what makes a good B&W. Some shots work better than others. It's fun to try it out--and no worries about whether one has converted it "properly"! LOL

  2. What a fun picture! Your son really is a hoot and I think you captured his zanyness perfectly. And he's so talented too! You must be so proud of him. And, yes, he should look up Gruene because it's a great place for featuring new, upcoming talent, and then when he played there we could get together!

    I had planned on mailing my camera into Canon while I was on vacation because I usually just take the 20d with me when I go to the beach and Disney but when they gave me the mailing address and I saw I was less than 10 miles from the factory service center I couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop it off, so it was a treat for me to have it at all while I've been here. I'm glad to have it back because even though the 20d does a decent job, the 7d is SO much easier to operate and has such a better viewfinder for me to see what I'm capturing.

  3. He looks like he'd be so much fun to watch! I can't wait to check out the link you post.
    My mom plays the accordian (played it in her HS's marching, and I've never "met" anyone else who also plays!

  4. What a great smile he has! This is such a cute photo!

  5. this shot makes me happy! he looks so entertaining... i'm sure every one who gets to see him loves his performances!