Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

This is "The Sled". My mother started a tradition back in 1969, when my oldest son, Randy, was 16 months old. In the home where I grew up, we had a nice fireplace with a mantle above it. Every Christmas season, my mother placed a sleigh, a Santa Clause and eight reindeer, plus Rudolph up on the mantle. She filled the sleigh with little wrapped boxes, a little doll, a ball, etc. It was just a cute docoration until Randy wanted to see what was in the packages. My mother came up with the idea that she would wrap little things for Randy to open each time we went to her home in December. She carried this on through all six of our Children and 10 great-grandchildren. So since mom passed away in 2008, I have carried on the tradition, now for 12 grandchildren. I wrap six gifts for each child, and they open the first on on Thanksgiving day and then one each Sunday until Christmas, plus an extra one or two for unexpected visits. All of the kids love this... .....I suspect it will go on for many more generations.

This is my precious mother, several years ago with one of her great-grandchildren. It was Livvy's first Christmas, and she had just gotten her first sled gift. You can see how much happiness this brought to my mom. she would shop all year long for just the right things, and she wrapped them all herself. She also knitted the sweater that Livvy is wearing.

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