Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 18, 2010

I had the wonderful experience of attending the Tabernacle choir concert featuring David Archuletta, tonight. My DIL got tickets and she and my granddaughter and I, went together to downtown SLC on the train. I believe that the conference center seats 21,000, and there was not one empty seat. Hundreds were turned away. It is so spectacular to see and hear this world famous choir in person. Having grown up in Salt Lake City, it is something I have had the privelage of hearing live, several times. I really like David Archuletta also, so it was a thrill to see him live on stage. We were only about 20 rows from the front and did not need to watch on the large screens. The orchestra at Temple Square was phenominal as well. We took a little while to enjoy the lights around Temple Square afterwards.

No photography was allowed during the performance, for this reason I did not take a camera with me. The above photograph was taken from the internet. The lights and several different features changed with the numbers being performed. There were dancers, and bell one time there was a giant music box that opened up, allowing seven ballerinas to come out and perform. The stage itself was amazing. The conference center is beautiful, but seeing it all decorated for this concert was breathtaking.


  1. I am envious you were able to go to this. I didn't put in for the tickets in time. What a wonderful Christmas experience for you.

  2. Wow!! That sounds wonderful! I'm sure they were amazing to hear!