Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010

Yesterday, Rory's parents went to a movie and I tended the girls for a few hours. I wanted to practice with indoor window light and Rory really did not want to help me. I discovered how to get her to want her photo taken.........simple........I sat her baby sister down and snapped some of her precious chubbiness. Next thing I knew, Rory was right there with her new puppy, wanting her photo taken!!!! BINGO!!!

Thank you are so cooperative in your Bumbo seat! She can sit alone, but she gets right down and rolls away from me. She rolls all over the place! I wanted her in the best light and I wanted this piece of matt board behind her. She was good for a few minutes .........

but then, she wanted out of her chair prison. She rolled happily away.......the focus is not perfect here, but it is still my favorite. When she looked up, her face caught the light better too!


  1. Nice! Their eyes look so bright and sharp. I love the drool in that last one. LOL.

  2. My babies are so beautiful! I can always trust that everytime I leave them with you, you'll be shooting away :)