Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010

We have a big beautiful umbrella tree in the backyard. The horsie swing hangs from it. It is late getting it's gigantic leaves. Some of them are as large as a dinner plate. They hang on, even late in the Fall, but the first really good freeze that we get, they ALL come down at once. within a few hours they are all on the ground. Last night was the they are on the ground. I love this tree, and I am happy to see it come to life every Spring. We bought our home three years into our marriage. My parents gave us a little tree that grew from a seed off of the mother tree at the home I grew up in, so for me, this tree is a little bit of my past. It is 42 years old, and I have pictures of all of my children up in it's branches. No one has climbed it for awhile. I guess my grandchildren do not find climbing trees as attractive as their parents did. For me, and my kids, climbing trees was just a part of growing up. I LOVED passing time and looking around the neighborhood high up in a tree!

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  1. I loved climbing up in an old Magnolia tree :) that was at my grandmother's house. A few years ago, it was hit by lightning and was cut down :( Love this picture and your story!