Friday, October 29, 2010

October 29, 2010

Rory is three today! She is a PRECIOUS little soul. She is #10 of 12 grandchilren. She had the time of her life at her birthday party last night. There were grandparents, great grandparents, some cousins, aunts and uncles,and a few friends who came for the Strawbetty Shortcake birthday event. This lady bug pillow from one of her aunts and uncles was a great hit! She loves lady bugs, just like her great-grandma Hubrich, who incidentally, has the same one! The look on her little face says it all! Now we are off for the other two (father and son)birthdays, that fall on today as well.

We are home again and I decided to add this one of Zach with his little cake. He was so happy tonight. He thoroughly enjoyed this cake. He fed pieces of it to his mommy. So cute. He ran into a cupboard door two days ago and still has bruises on his head and around his eye.

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