Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

Today, I was practicing in some bright light. Of course Rory was playing in the ugliest part of my yard. :0 I was using BBF for the first time and these are SOOC
Laurie, if you see this... I was excited because, zoomed in, I CAN count her eyelashes!

I like this one of her shoveling so busily. I wish I had thought to capture her whole shadow.

Here is a crazy angle I had to do to get the focus in the right place, and get all of her in the photo. I am NOT a fan of this type of photo at an angle,but it was fun to play with different things. Her mommy is very sick today, so she is spending some time with Grandma.


  1. Great job in full sun! And nice focus! What a sweetie. Rory's mom is so lucky that you have taken so many great pictures of her little ones :0)

  2. Love it!!! Don't you love BBF?? I will never go back :O) Love those lashes!