Thursday, September 2, 2010

September 2, 2010

Tomorrow evening, I will be photographing several of my grandchildren at Wheeler Farm, which is close to my home. I went there this evening just to walk around and see what the light looks like in different areas at that time of night. I took photos of places I want to remember for tomorrow. For want of better subjects, I did get a few of the animals.

This piggy liked the camera. I swear it was smiling at me.

There are SOOoo many ducks and geese on the farm. MANY
Canadian Geese were flying in and landing on the ponds and wandering around the farm. I tried to get some in flight but was not successful. There are several varieties there, and they really honk up a storm.....they were so loud, and they are so big.
Employees were going around with buckets and feeding the domestic ducks and geese that live on the farm. I think all the wild ducks come in to freeload, so they have to feed the resident geese by hand.


  1. Great shots! That pig is absolutely adorable. He really does look like he's smiling.

  2. That was so smart to go ahead of time and check out the lighting! I'm the worst about that :O) Can't wait to see you beautiful grandbabies there!!

  3. Looks like beautiful lighting! Love the backlit horse shot!