Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

From "Iwish I had a macro" photo. Why do Praying Mantis turn this color in the Fall?
From a few days ago....."I'm sittin' on my hatchie eggs"


  1. That Rory is funny.

    And it looks like a macro even though it wasn't with a macro lens. Great shot! I like how he is looking right at you!

  2. Praying Mantis are my favorite- I still pick them up every time I see one. They were my favorite bug to catch and play with when I was young.

    And Rory is so cute- I showed this picture to Cessna and Lance and they LOVE IT!

  3. Very cool shot! Looks like you used a macro to me :O) Did you use your 85mm???

    Rory cracks me up!! That is the funniest thing, I'm so glad you captured!!