Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 123 April 4, 2010

I seldom use my 85 mm lens. Today, I decided to go out with my grandson and grab a quick shot before taking him to basketball practice. I'm happy with it, and tried a little different edit on it also.


  1. Where did Braden get his height from? Handsome Nephew of mine!

  2. Do you like your 85mm?? I am wanting to get a new lens and can't decide what I want. To answer one of your previous questions about what lens I used, I use a 50mm 1.8, it is the only one I have...for now :O)

  3. I like it so far.... I'm just getting acquainted with it. I think it is best outside, because of the close quarters inside. I couldn't get all 4 puppies in the frame indoors, on todays post. I think it's sharper than the 50mm. The focus is fast. I believe I will really like it once I get better acquainted with it.