Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 99 April 10, 2010

My husband and I went to Barnes and Noble tonight to get a book for one of our grandchildren and we took another grandchild with us, because she loves to play with the Thomas Train set up there. She had a wonderful time. The lighting was so bad there, and I couldn't get the white balance right, so I had to convert them to B/W. These are not the best conversions, but they are the best I could do.
This adorable little five year old was there, and the girls struck up an immediate friendship. Here she is reading to our grandaugher. She reads like an adult...AND she is bi-lingual! I was impressed. I also wanted her kidding, they are over an inch long. Why can't adults get along like these two? When we left, they hugged each other goodbye like they were lifelong friends.


  1. How sweet! What is that spell that Thomas has over children? Both of mine love him. Love the DOF in the first one!

  2. Adorable :O) It amazes me how kids can make friends so quickly!!