Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 116 Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When I picked up my grandson from middle school today, this was the scene from the parking lot. It is generally clear, and you can see across the valley to the Oquirrh Mountains. Today, they are entirely obscured. We have strong winds and lots of dust in the air. Right in the center of this photo, just above the trees, you can barely see the Jordan River LDS temple. It is usually very easy to spot, standing out, white, against the greenery.
TThis is the flag on the parking lot of the school. It was whipping around, almost tying itself in a knot.

My favorite is this one....looking right into the sun from my yard. It is 3:30 PM.
everything is dark from the dust in the air. I can feel grit between my teeth. I took my little point and shoot outside today, because of the weather.


  1. Your area looks just like mine, dirt and wind with a bit of rain mixed in.
    love the silhouette of the trees.

  2. Hope your dust clears soon -
    it looks so pretty where you are anyway -
    and I love the 3rd photo too -
    my favorite

  3. Love the 3rd photo!!! Very cool!!!