Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 112 April 23, 2010

In between the garden plots in my backyard, are masses of weeds. This kind here that is easy to pull up, and then there are litterally millions of new little thorny weeds. We call them goat head thorns. If you step on one of those it will hurt for a week. When you take a moment to examine them this time of year, you'll see a carpet of little tiny purple flowers. but they are like so many things in life.....irritating, painful, not what we planned, or wanted, in fact in this case, we dread them, dig them out and poison them year after year, and there they are again the next year, stronger than ever. Taking a closer look at them tonight , I can see that they are quite beautiful in this stage of their development.

It's hard to believe that such beautiful little blossoms will turn into horrible thorns. Well, just for today, I will pause to enjoy their beauty.

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