Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dayu 84 MArch 24, 2010

These little nesting dolls, are a gift from my husband's childhood friend in Germany. I thought it was sweet of him to send them when he learned that I collect dolls. I was trying for some cool backlighting on both of these, but I was happy with this one, with it's bright spot of sunlight on the tallest dolls head. I like the bright outline on the right side of the two largest dolls too.

This one was later in the day, and so the lighting is different.
First I tried standing them in a straight row in the grass, but they kept tipping. Here they are staggered but I still accomplished the gradual blur starting with the sharp focus on the little doll. They are not anything fabulous, but it took me awhile and a lot of shots with different lenses and exposures to get them. I learned quite a bit.

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