Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 51 February 18, 2010

I was wondering what to post today, then Rory came over for just a little while so her mom could get ready to leave with her. She was playing with my old doll house while I worked on the computer. Now, you may have seen my post of the doll house earlier in the year, and also the recent one of Rory feeding my dog. Well, today, after she fed the dog, she was playing with the doll house. I had to subdue my laughter as I looked over at her playing. She was setting up her little dogs in the doll house like always, but this time she had some of Gracie's food, on their table. I tried to sneak in there with the camera, not too successfully, because she did not want me to look at her or take a photo. But... I did get these that were not totally blurred.

This one, above, is my favorite, with the doggies clutched in her little fist.


  1. How funny! Love the dog food in the little plates! Isn't it nice that those "what am I going to take a picture of" days work themselves out!