Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 46 February 13, 2010

This little girl is total sweetness! It was in the 40's yesterday, and the sun was shining. (miracle), so, her mommy and I took her to feed the ducks. I took my camera just because I do not go anywhere without it. Rory picked her outfit and her hairstyle including such embellishments as Gracie dog's stretchy princess collar. It made a dandy headband to go with the "pony buns". Does anyone remember Punky Brewster? It's that funky look!

Don't touch me mom... I can sit on this stone wall myself!!!

A big white duckie was taking a bath

I love it when she doesn't have a clue that she's being photographed

I know I did some chopping on her pony buns. It's been months since the 50mm has come off my camera.
I heard that a fixed focal length lens is the way to get sharp images. Therefore, I use the 50mm indoors and the 85mm outside. But....this time, I went back to my trusty zoom
(55-250mm), just because I could. I might add, I couldn't be happier with my "any old snapshot will do today" images.....except for the chops. I almost fell off my chair when I saw how sharp they are! And the nice colors, SOOC. I did edit, to remove a speck of mac and cheese from the side of her mouth, and a spot of something from her ear. I hope Spring comes fast.... I want to get outside again, and zoom around. Ha Ha I just checked my settings.... I remember I loved her expression, and didn't think I had time to get everything right in manual.... (I had been photographing birds) and these are the ones where I switched over to Auto....I wouldn't have posted them here if I had noticed that first...but Oh well, they are cute anyway.


  1. Great job! I'm tellin' ya, those ponies are hard to get a good comp on without chopping from my limited experience! She is such a cutie!