Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 26

I have been going through old things, in an effort to get better organized, and thin out all of the things that I have no use for anymore. My mother lived with us for ten years before she passed away in the Spring of 2008. I came across her old high school year book. I loved reading all of the comments from her friends and teachers. So many of the young men were so handsome, and the girls so beautiful. I wondered, if now, at the age of 92 or so, did they reach their goals and accomplish their dreams? I wonder about the legacy they left. It was a time of hard work and sacrifice. I'm grateful for all of those who lived at this particular time, and paved the way for me.

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  1. Very cool- I like how you made her's stand out and looked highlighted. Great Photo, she was very pretty.