Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

Today, I was looking into one of my doll cabinets, and thinking about how I need to clean them. John F Kennedy Jr caught my eye. Memory took me back to that fateful day when his father, the first president who I was old enough to vote for, was assinated. I love this little replica of John Jr because I remember the moment it was made for. There he stood.... 3 years old, like a brave little soldier, saluting the casket that contained his father's body. The nation cried for him that day, and I was no exception. My tears had run freely for days prior to those services, but that day, a nation mourned the loss of a great man, and cried for his widow, and small children, Carolyn, and John Jr.

That election is the only election where I voted democratic. To this day, I believe John F Kennedy is the only shining star in the infamous Kennedy family. (give or take a few disappointing facts that we learned about later.) I can't say I have cared much for the others.......but that day is one I will never forget, and this collector doll will keep that moment in time close to my heart.


  1. Great post! I wasn't around when Kennedy was assassinated, but I have been fascinated by the event, by him, and by the whole family, for many years now. What a beautiful doll, and commentary on the day. Thank you for sharing!
    (a fellow clickin mom)

  2. I didn't even know that made a doll of him. What a fun collection you have!! :O)